Welcome to Woodrian Editorial. I’m Peg Moran.

What I Do

I work on both fiction and nonfiction. I do a line-by-line edit as well as an overall critique, also called a story edit.

Line Edit

In the line-by-line edit, I point out what I think can be improved, and then make concrete suggestions on how to make the improvement, such as adding a phrase, changing a word, deleting part of another sentence to tighten the writing, and expanding an idea. Each page of a manuscript is usually quite marked up with proposed changes. They’re all only suggestions, however, and I would expect you to dislike some of them. It is ultimately your manuscript, after all.

Overall Detailed Critique

In the separate critique, I basically deal with what can’t fit on the manuscript pages, as well as the issues that pertain to the piece as a whole. If, for example, your ending doesn’t seem to make sense with what came before, I would suggest a couple of different ways to go for an ending. However, since I know you’re probably fond of your ending, I would also suggest instead changing earlier sections so that the ending fits more logically.

I discuss what has and hasn’t succeeded, and I suggest ways of making everything come together. It is very hard for a writer to see for himself or herself if the entire piece works for the readers. The writer knows what he or she meant, but not whether that meaning comes through clearly. An editor sees what is written and deals with actualities rather than intentions.

In sum, I deal with every aspect of your manuscript with the aim of polishing and improving it into a unified piece of writing, without changing your individual style.

What You Receive

There are two parts to the critique you receive. First there is your manuscript, with my comments and suggested alterations marked directly on it, in tracked changes and comment boxes.  (Don’t worry if you don’t know how to get your computer to show tracked changes or comment boxes.  I’ll explain it.)

The second part is a separate overall evaluation of your manuscript. Several pages long, this evaluation covers theme, organization, strength of argument, focus, development, characterization, plot, motivation of characters, and other aspects of your entire work.

Turn-around Time

As a writer myself, I know you’re eager to get back your edited manuscript.  It takes me about two weeks to edit an average-sized book.  Sometimes there’s bad timing and your book arrives right after a couple of others, and so it takes longer.  I’ll let you know when you can expect to have your manuscript back.


The average cost to edit a book is $35 per 1,000 words.  If your book requires more or less work, the rate is adjusted.

The best way to know how much the editing will cost is for you to send me a sample chapter from the middle of the book. That way, I can tell how long it will take me, and can provide a rate. It will also give you an idea of how I work and the kinds of marks and comments I make on your manuscript.

How to Send Your Manuscript

The easiest way to send your manuscript is to save it in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice and attach it to an email.  If you can’t save it to either of them, you can make a PDF of the manuscript and send it that way.  Be sure to include your phone number and email address in case I have difficulty opening your manuscript.

can do a better, more thorough job if I work on the whole manuscript at once. But if you like, you can send parts of it at a time, say 100 pages.

Sample Edited Pages

Below are some sample edited pages.

Suggested additions are in red and underlined.

Suggested deletions are listed in the column on the right.

Comments are also in the right column.

A vertical line in the left column means there is a change in the text across from it.

Don’t fret if you get confused while following the red lines: it’s much easier to follow when it’s your own writing, which you are very familiar with.

Scroll down to see all the pages.  Click on the arrow on the bottom right to make it larger.

PDF Editing Sample Page with revisions and comments — Word 12 pt 4 inch Rt margin







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